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Tagged by: :iconchaffyy:

Rules: 1. Choose 3 of your OCs.

2. Make them answer these questions.

3. Tag 5 other people

4. Add one other question to the list


I tag: ...anyone who wants to? xD

My OCs:





1. Who's the most huggable person in the group?

Anna: Well, I guess I like a hug as much as the next person, but I'd say that award goes to the blonde furball. *points at Dallas*

Andi: It's definitely not me, unless you'd like a gun to your temple.

Dallas: I guess me, then? I love hugs. *grins*

2. Are you a virgin? :iconheplz:

Anna: Wouldn't you like to know? ;)

Andi: I don't think that's any of your concern. *glares icily*

Dallas: Wha—you don't just ask people that!  


3. Do you have children?

Anna: Um, no. I'm not even married.

Andi: Ugh, God no.

Dallas: No. No.

4. Have you ever murdered somebody?

Anna: Um, no. *raises eyebrow* That's a pretty strange question.

Andi: Yes. Well, only a few personally. Plenty of people indirectly though. All in the name of business, of course.

Dallas: *wide eyed stare* What? Are you kidding me? God no! Why would you ask that?!



6. Do you love anyone?

Anna: Mmm, not currently.

Andi: No.

Dallas: Um, no, not--not right now.


7. What's your job?

Anna: I work at a bookstore.

Andi: I really don't think that's any of your business. *icy stare*

Dallas: I help my Uncle on Mr Malone's property outside town. It's nice, and I get to see Molly and Lucy. *smiles*



8. Favorite weather?

Anna: I like the rain, but there's a lot of that in London, so it's nice when it gets sunny out sometimes.

Andi: I don't really care about the weather.

Dallas: I like it when it's nice and clear and sunny, but not too hot. Good weather for running.


 9. Who're your friends?

Anna: Well, I've got my room-mate Reese, and her friend Jamie and his wife. There's some others, but those are the people I see most often.

Andi: I don't have 'friends'.

Dallas: There's a lot of them. Mostly Jack though, and his brothers, and Holly and Zanna, plus Molly and Lucy.


10. Do you have any hobbies?

Anna: Reading, mostly. And trying to persuade Reese not to put bleach in the tooth-paste that guests might use.

Andi: ….I suppose you could say my hobby was 'people watching', in a sense. *nasty smile*

Dallas: I like running, and swimming. Sometimes I go riding, too, but less often now. And rugby.


11. What're you going to do when this meme is over?

Anna: Go back to the apartment, I guess. *checks watch* Reese should still be home, I think.

Andi: Go find Claire. I have a job for her, so can we hurry this up?

Dallas: Probably go home.


12. What's your eye color?

Anna: Blue. *smiles*

Andi: Blue.

Dallas: Brown.



13. What's your greatest fear?

Anna: Hmm, that's a tough one. Being murdered really viciously, I guess? That'd be pretty bad.

Andi: I don't have fears. Fears are weaknesses, they control you, they turn you into something pathetic. I am not ruled by anything but myself.

Dallas: Losing my mom and sister. I've seen Jackson and his brothers go through that sort of pain, and it's just not something I think I could deal with.


14. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Anna: Probably becoming room-mates with and subsequently befriending a vampire. *laughs*

Andi: Hiring a psychopath and a fight-club reject.

Dallas: Probably that time I pushed Darcy into the school pool. That's just asking for trouble. *laughs*


15. No #15..?


16. Any siblings?

Anna: Two older brothers.

Andi: No.

Dallas: A big sister.


17. Is it fun to answer these questions?

Anna: Yeah, I guess. *chuckles* It's not terrible or anything.

Andi: No.

Dallas: Yeah, it's pretty fun. *smiles*


18. How do you feel about your creator?

Anna: *snickers* Shh. I'm not supposed to know about that. Just because I live with the supernatural, doesn't mean I'm allowed to break the fourth wall.

Andi: She's a weak-willed individual with absolutely no worth.

Dallas: *blinks* …What?


19.  Do you have any weaknesses?

Anna: Books and chocolate. Give me them, and I'd do just about anything. *dreamy smile*

Andi: No. *snarls* I. Don't. Have. Weaknesses.

Dallas: Puppy-eyes and pleading. *looks sheepish* I'm a huge softie, and I just-- I fall for it every time.


20. 3 wishes, 1 wish each, now what do you wish for?

Anna: More books. *laughs*

Andi: Unquestioning loyalty from those beneath me.

Dallas: ….For Jacks and Darcy and Jared to have their parents back.


21. What's your favorite element?

Anna: Earth.

Andi: Water.

Dallas: Air.


22. Who's your superior?

Anna: My boss at the bookstore, I guess? *laughs* I dunno.

Andi: I have no superior. I control myself.

Dallas: Er, my uncle, I guess? He's my guardian right now, so…?


23. Look! Playboy bunny girls!

Anna: *snickers* Didn't think this was the kind of place….

Andi: *typing away on phone*

Dallas: *blushing* Wha—why—what is this--*looks away*


24. Who're the most important people in your life?

Anna: My family, I guess, and my friends.

Andi: Myself.

Dallas: My mom and sister, and my friends. *smiles*


25. Favorite color?

Anna: Hmm….A soft, rich red.

Andi: God, what are we, six? *scowls*

Dallas: Blue, like the sky. *smiles brightly*


26. Apparently there's no question number 26.....


27. What's your embarrassing moments?

Anna: Fell down a flight of stairs in front of my whole high-school once. That was pretty bad.

Andi: I've never been so stupid as to embarrass myself in front of anyone. And if I had, well, let's just say they didn't get the chance to say anything about it.

Dallas: Accidentally blurting out to this guy who came by Rusty's property that he was really cute. *blushes and covers face with hands* I didn't mean to say it, it just kind of… happened.


28. What if someone told you there's a monster in your closet?

Anna: ….I'd probably be inclined to believe you. *looks amused* Stranger things have happened.

Andi: *scowls* Do I need to repeat my earlier statement of thinking we look like children to you?

Dallas: *laughs* I probably wouldn't believe you. Might check just in case, though. *grins*


29. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Anna: *snickers* Um, go out and buy one?

Andi: Ugh, absolutely nothing. *looks disgusted*

Dallas: Could I have it if I gave you a hug? *grins*


30. What's your favorite food?

Anna: Mmm, probably chocolate. But if we're talking real food groups, pasta. It's good.

Andi: I don't see the point in having a favourite. It's just food.

Dallas: Bacon. Bacon is really, really good.


31. What if you get lost in a forest?

Anna: Call for help? I mean, seriously, it's the 21st century.

Andi: Call for someone to pick me up.

Dallas: Probably walk around a bit. I like forests. *smiles*


32.  Did your creator make a crack pairing with you?

Anna: Mmm, not as of yet. I'm kind of hoping it never happens.

Andi: She's stupid, but she's not that stupid. *glares*

Dallas: ….Again, what? *looks bemused*

33. What's your biggest regret?
Anna: …I don't know. I don't really regret anything.

Andi: Being human.

Dallas: Not making better friends with Darcy. *laughs* I'm working on it, though. *grins*</p>


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